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The CES trade show is full of people trying to catch the eye, but few have been so successful as this gent, thanks to his hat, which is encrusted with OLED screens. We spotted him while trying to catch a glimpse of 50 Cent's appearance on the stage.

The friendly chap told us that these wearable displays have a battery life of somewhere approaching 6 hours, depending on the content you display. As with all OLED displays, they offer incredibly vivid colour and brightness, and an impressive viewing angle, which makes them perfect for advertising purposes.

The screens cost $200 (£130) each, although CES attendees were able to snap one up for the bargain price of $150 (£100). We haven't seen anyone wearing them yet -- aside from this chap, of course -- but it's surely only a matter of time before every name badge in the world uses this technology.

What do you think the best potential use for this technology is? Tell us in the comments section below, and click through the photo gallery to see more images.

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