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The horrified screams of the LG marketing department mingled with the delighted cries of Viewty fans across the land today -- LG's German blog has leaked details of the upcoming Viewty II GC900, which shall be known forever more as the Viewty Smart.

LG has since snatched the post out of the ether, and replaced it with one asking for patience. Poor LG, ask any aspiring model: once those glamour photos are on the Web, you can never get them back. And we don't do patience, especially for the drool-worthy successor to a handset we loved the first time round.

We've already heard how the Viewty Smart will sport an 8-megapixel camera with a xenon flash, and Wi-Fi and 7.2Mbps HSDPA for speedy Web browsing, all wrapped up in the S-Class user interface that's also used on the LG Arena.  There will also be a 76mm (3-inch) touchscreen display, up to 32GB of storage, support for Xvid and DivX video, and GPS.

But now we know the Viewty Smart will also be as sexy as sin, at only 12mm thick. Click through to bask in the forbidden pleasure of accidentally leaked photos.

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Is that an Orange logo we see stamped on the Viewty Smart's fair cheek? We're expecting a June launch for the handset, and it looks like Orange may be the chosen network.
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The front of the Viewty Smart boasts a 76mm (3-inch) touchscreen display and text trumpeting the LG S-Class user interface -- the one we like to call 'that spinning cube thingy'.
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Despite being obviously CGI, this is a fun peek at the 8-megapixel camera phone's user interface.
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The back of the handset sports DivX and Dolby mobile logos, so the Viewty Smart should be no slouch at playing all sorts of media.
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