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LG may not have unveiled a new product at CommunicAsia 2008, but this didn't stop the company from maintaining an impressive presence at the expo showcasing numerous interesting mobile devices and accessories.

Be warned: some of the following handsets may never see the inside of a mobile phone store in Australia. We'll be following up on each of these products with LG Australia, but don't get your hopes too high before we can confirm them for you.

Joseph Hanlon travelled to CommunicAsia as a guest of Samsung.

Coming very, very soon
A charming LG booth attendee kindly poses with LG Secret. Stay tuned for more about the latest Black Label series handset when LG launch the Secret in Australia on June 24.

The cat's out of the bag
This corner of CommunicAsia 2008 was easily the busiest with Samsung's booth right next door. A table displaying several Secret handsets is behind the wall of eager tech punters in this picture.

It was a battle to get this close
Luckily Australia's CNET editors tower over our Asian counterparts so we were able to battle our way to the front. The LG rep we spoke to was so keen to show how strong the carbon fibre casing is that he smashed the Secret against the counter and broke the plastic frame that had been holding the phone — much to the chagrin of his colleagues. To its credit, the Secret survived this unorthodox demo scratch-free.

WiMo is that you?
This is the LG KS20 and it has to be the first LG handset running Windows Mobile 6 that we can remember coming across. The handset features full touchscreen input via the 2.8-inch QVGA display, and HSDPA mobile data speeds.

If it's not Windows it's Symbian
We were surprised enough to see the Windows Mobile KS20, then we stumbled across the KT610. Opening this handset reveals a well-spaced QWERTY keypad and a screen showing Nokia's S60 standby screen.

Lady in red
No fancy smartphone operating system here, but the KS360 was too cool-looking not to photograph. It obviously sports a QWERTY keyboard, and features threaded SMS, placing it in the same league of the Hiptop Slide, rather than being pitched against serious smartphones. Sadly, it only supports 2G networks.

Don't hold your breath waiting for this one
When shut the HB620T seems an unassuming flip phone, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve, namely 7.2Mbps HSDPA and support for DVB-H mobile TV (the main reason we probably won't see it Down Under). We love the two-step flip settings — pictured is the first step, used to sit the phone down for long sessions of mobile TV, the second step opens the phone further for making calls.

Time to make a phone call
We've seen concept watch phones floating around for a while now, and these on display at the LG booth are in the same category, still just concepts. The phones use Bluetooth to connect to hands-free headsets, so you don't have to bark into your wrist, in case you were wondering. Under the display is a rolling selection toggle used to access the phone's functions.


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