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LG has always been at the forefront of OLED TV development. This year, the company demonstrated a 31-inch OLED screen at the CES trade show. 

From a 3D perspective, this TV produces by far the best image quality we've ever seen. The OLED panel is so bright and colourful that it's a natural companion for 3D content. LG is still very keen on using passive 3D technology too, which we approve of, because the glasses are cheaper and more comfortable than active-shutter versions.

This telly is also fantastic as a plain old high-definition TV. These OLED screens have a nearly infinite contrast ratio, with zero crosstalk -- the double-imaging effect that blights 3D-capable LCD TVs -- and a virtually unlimited viewing angle. A 600Hz display also means that you should get a very smooth image and exceptional 3D performance.

None of the above factors even take into account how beautiful these TVs look. They might have been around for a few years now, but we're always captivated by their thin screens and funky designs.

We honestly can't wait to buy an OLED TV, and we're told that LG's offerings will go on sale this year. Could OLED finally be on the verge of hitting the mainstream? Will these TVs be remotely affordable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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This 31-inch OLED TV produces some of the most incredible 3D images we've seen. OLED is really the ideal technology for showing 3D.
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This TV is brilliant, right down to details like the touch-sensitive buttons.
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LG is nearly ready to start selling this TV, but we're very concerned that it will cost more than a house.
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OLED images are the brightest and most vibrant we've seen. We're curious to see how they look in real-world situations, though.
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This TV is almost absurdly thin. The viewing angle is even more remarkable.
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