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So far, the iPad's strongest competition for our tablet love has been Android-powered drinks coasters such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Where the heck are the Windows tablets Steve Ballmer has been waving around for donkey's years? The LG E-Note H1000B is one, and it has the benefit of actually existing -- in Korea, at least.

The E-Note sports Windows 7 Starter edition, although LG is cheekily recommending an upgrade to Windows 7 Professional on the tablet's product page (in Korean). A 10.1-inch screen puts the E-Note in iPad territory, but this is a far cry from the streamlined Apple tablet. 

An SD card slot lets you bump up the memory and swap files, while a USB port supports a physical keyboard and mouse for when a touchscreen just won't do the job, which seems rather like admitting defeat. The tablet also includes a stylus that somehow works with the capacitive touchscreen, and a stand to prop it up when your hands need a break.

The screen has a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Powering this beast is 1GB of RAM and your choice of an Intel Z510 CPU running at 1.1GHz, or an X530 clocking in at 1.6GHz -- both of which could mean the E-Note doesn't have the battery life of the power-sipping iPad. LG has packed a four-cell replaceable battery inside, but there are no official battery life numbers available.

The tablet weighs in at a hefty 850g, compared to the iPad's 680g -- not that we're obsessed. It's 14.5mm thick, 279mm tall and 181mm wide, which means it's perfectly portable but you won't be popping it in a pocket. 

802.11n Wi-Fi keeps the E-Note connected, along with Bluetooth 3.0.

The E-Note is rumoured to be coming to the UK, but it's only in Korea at the moment and LG wouldn't comment on when, or if, we'll see it in our shops. In the meantime, click the photo above to ogle the E-Note from every angle.

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