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Smoke signals

Nest Protect (second generation)

First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm

Halo Smoke Alarm

Kidde RemoteLync Monitor

Leeo Smart Alert

Mydlink Smart Alarm Detector

Roost Smart Battery

Quirky Spotter

Elgato Eve Room

With any one of these devices, you can use your smart home to add to your peace of mind when you're out and about. They all send you a push notification when your smoke detector sounds, but other than that, they're all quite different. Click through to see what your options are if you want to add smart smoke detection to your connected home.

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The $100/£89 Nest Protect sends you push alerts and if you burn the toast, you can silence the smoke alarm with your phone.

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The First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm offers similar functionality to the Nest Protect. The hardwired version costs $120 (£80, AU$165), or $110 (£75, AU$150) for the battery-powered alarm. And since this First Alert is compatible with Apple's HomeKit, Siri can check the status of your alarm.

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The $130 (£90 and AU$170) Halo Smoke Alarm will work with the Lowe's Iris smart home system and will monitor the weather -- giving you a voice alert if a storm's approaching. It's still a smoke alarm first and foremost, so you'll get a voice alert and a push notification if it smells smoke or CO as well.

Caption by / Photo by Halo Smart Labs

Plug the US-only Kidde RemoteLync Monitor into the wall, and it'll listen for the sound of smoke and CO alarms. You'll get a push notification if it hears anything, and one monitor in a central hallway will be able to cover an entire floor, giving you whole home smart coverage without having to replace every alarm. The Kidde monitor costs $100 (£70 and AU$130).

Caption by / Photo by Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Just like the Kidde RemoteLync Monitor, the Leeo Smart Alert plugs into your wall and listens for the sound of smoke and CO alarms. The $50 (£35 and AU$65) US-only Leeo also has a fun, color changing nightlight.

Caption by / Photo by Tyler Lizenby/CNET

D-Link's upcoming Mydlink Smart Alarm Detector ($60/ £40/ AU$75) will do the same thing as the Leeo Alert and Kidde Monitor, but will integrate with other D-Link devices and online rule maker IFTTT.

Caption by / Photo by D-Link

Put the Roost Smart Battery into your dumb smoke detector to smarten it up. This $35 (£25, AU$50) device is basically a Wi-Fi enabled 9V. In addition to sending you push notifications when the alarm sounds, the 5-year battery will let you know when it's running low via its app.

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Even though it's not specifically designed for smoke safety, you could use the $50 (£35, AU$60) Quirky Spotter to send you push notifications if the temperature in your house gets above a warning threshold.

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You could also use the $80/£70/AU$118 HomeKit-enabled Elgato Eve Room and the temperature sensors of larger smart home systems like SmartThings, Insteon and Lowe's to send you a warning if your home's temperature is too high. But you certainly won't want to use any of these devices as a standalone smoke detector.

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