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Google with a view

The Lenovo Smart Display combines Google Assistant with a simple touchscreen. You can ask it a question or give it a command just like you would with the Google Home smart speaker. It responds to the same wake words, "Hey Google" or "OK Google."

The Smart Display uses its screen to provide a richer experience around digital assistance. Click through for more details of Google's first smart speaker with a screen, how it compares to the similar Amazon Echo Show, and how it uses its screen to enhance your assistance.

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Ready for your command

The Lenovo Smart Display can do everything your Google Home can do. Catch up on Google Home's capabilities here. Highlights include using a voice command to control your smart home, search the web, play music, add something to your shopping list or even make a phone call. 

With the Lenovo Display, you can even see your command pop up on the top of the screen as the Google Assistant processes it. If it mishears you, you'll know and can annunciate better next time.

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Two options

The Lenovo Smart Display goes on sale Friday, July 27 at major US electronic retailers. We tested the 10-inch model pictured on the right, which costs $250. The 8-inch model on the left offers all of the same capabilities for $200. The only differences between the two are the screen sizes, resolutions (1,920x1,200 versus 1,280x800 pixels for the 10- and 8-inch models respectively) and the finish.

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Multiple finishes

The closer 10-inch model has a slick bamboo finish that resembles a cutting board. The 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display has a gray finish that still looks nice, if a little more plain. 

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Simple and elegant

Both models round out to a kickstand on one side, but are otherwise thin. On the top, you'll find a slider that mutes the microphone and volume controls. 

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Privacy possible

On the side, a switch moves a physical shutter in front of the camera in case you want privacy. 

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Best in show

The Lenovo Smart Display is bigger, better looking and offers more features than the Amazon Echo Show. 

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YouTube at your fingertips

You can watch YouTube videos on the HD screen.

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Customizable ambient screen

You can customize the ambient mode that activates after a short period of inactivity. I rather liked this simple clock. 

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Pretty pictures

You can also select scenic stock photos or your own photo roll as your ambient mode. 

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Video calls

You can use the Lenovo Smart Display to make video calls with Google Duo. 

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Check the weather

The screen shows extra info when you ask about the weather, search for restaurants, ask a trivia question or control your smart home. 

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Personalized home page

Like Google Home, the Lenovo Smart Display can recognize your voice if you enable that feature, so it'll show you personalized reminders and calendar entries on your home screen. 

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Sound off

The 10-watt speakers also sounded great playing music. From any screen, you can swipe left from the right side to go back to the previous screen, or swipe up for quick menu options. 

The Lenovo Smart Display adds fun visuals to Google Assistant. Check out everything it can do here

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