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LeEco announced "more products than you've ever seen"

At its US launch event in San Francisco, the Chinese tech company LeEco introduced us to its upcoming Explore VR headset.

It's part of a larger ecosystem of connected products announced at the show, which also includes the LePro 3 and Le S3 phones, the Super4 smart televisions, a concept "super bike," and a pair of autonomous vehicles.

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1,000Hz high performance IMU sensor

A 1,000Hz high performance IMU sensor built into the headset promises to reduce latency issues that can cause fatigue, nausea and wooziness over long periods of gameplay.

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USB Type-C

The headset is powered by the 5.5-inch Le Pro 3 smartphone LeEco launched at the show.

Accordingly, the phone snaps into the headset via a USB Type-C port, and in fact, LeEco was one of the first companies to integrate the new standard into its Le 1 Pro Superphone back in 2015.

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Proximity sensor

Similar to the Samsung Gear VR, a proximity sensor inside the Explore VR will automatically pause and play content when you take it on and off your head.

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Integrated sensors

Along with the proximity sensor, the Explore VR also has a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a magnetometer inside.

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Aspherical lenses

Borrowing from the pages of the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, the Explore VR incorporates aspherical lenses to reduce image distortion from the field of view.

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Memory foam lining

Memory foam pads the inside of the headset from front to back for extra comfort.

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No word on pricing or availability

LeEco tells us the Explore VR will launch in the US on November 2, but didn't say when it'll be available to buy or how much it'll cost.

Stay tuned for more details.

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