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The Jingle Player iPad app allows music coordinators for advertising and television production to quickly search, browse, save, and send pre-cleared songs that can be easily licensed for their projects.
Caption by / Photo by Jingle Punks
The Jingle Player's database has been uniquely crafted by the team at Jingle Punks for keyword searches that are more meaningful for music coordinators. For example, a search for Wes Anderson will bring up songs that would be suited for the quirky soundtrack of a Wes Anderson film. Search results can be instantly previewed, as well as starred or added to personally organized playlists.
Caption by / Photo by Jingle Punks
The Jingle Player app links into your existing web-based Jingle Punks account, allowing you to access and add to your playlists.
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As a music coordinator, once you're ready to send your song suggestions on to a client or supervisor, you can use the Jingle Player app to wrap up a given playlist into a WAV or MP3 archive, and email the link.
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The Jingle Player database also distinguishes itself with suggested and similar song recommendations, based around tags and pop culture terms that you wouldn't necessarily find on a consumer music app. For example, the tag "U2" doesn't produce a listing of songs by the famous band, but instead results in a listing of songs with a similar feel. It's a search result that would be disappointing in iTunes, but is considered a feature for the type of professional user using Jingle Player.
Caption by / Photo by Jingle Punks
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