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The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were a milestone for Samsung smartphone design -- beautifully cut glass and metal instead of plastic. It looks like that design is here to stay: these leaked renders of its successors, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, appear to be practically identical.

The phones, which are rumored to come with waterproofing and support for microSD storage expansion, will be officially announced on February 21.

Caption by / Photo by Posted by Evan Blass

We don't know for sure if this is what the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will look like, but these first three images come from a source with an excellent track record: Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, who has been publishing leaked pictures of hotly anticipated phones since 2012 and usually turns out to be on point.

Caption by / Photo by Posted by Evan Blass

Here's what the backs of the new phones might look like, with the camera modules, LED flashes and logos all in much the same positions.

One important difference you might have noticed by now, though: the S7 Edge appears to have a larger screen size than the S7. That's more in line with the S6 Edge+, a 5.7-inch smartphone that Samsung introduced months after the original.

Caption by / Photo by Posted by Evan Blass

Here's what the Samsung Galaxy S7 might look like spinning on a table. (You may need to wait a tad for the animation to load.)

Mind you, this render wasn't created from pictures of the phone, but rather the raw factory schematics of the phone which were allegedly leaked by a company manufacturing cases for the new handset.

Caption by / Photo by Rendered by @OnLeaks

And here's what the Galaxy S7 Edge might look like. (Again, wait a moment if you don't see the picture.)

Both of these animated GIFs are from a video created by @OnLeaks, a source with a track record of obtaining these raw factory schematics for phones in the past.

Caption by / Photo by Rendered by @OnLeaks

Separately, GSM Arena appears to have obtained a couple of photos from Samsung's production line. These appear to be the camera modules that will feature in the new smartphone: the SM-G930F.

Some background: the Galaxy S6 was the SM-G920, and the "F" here is a suffix that indicates it's an international variant that can be sold around the world.

Caption by / Photo by Posted by GSM Arena

Here's one last alleged picture of Samsung's latest phone, but it's not one you're likely to recognize if you ever pick up a handset yourself. According to GSM Arena, this is a picture of the tester unit that Samsung uses on the assembly line. Basically, it's got a screen and all the components, but no chassis. Fascinating, no?

Caption by / Photo by Posted by GSM Arena
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