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Belkin GripVue

Belkin Groove Duo

iFrogz Luxe Lean



Speck Fitted

Speck Pixelskin HD

Belkin has more than one iPhone 4 case in the works. The one here is the Grip vue, which overlays the phone with see-through sheen, plus the backing is made out of a grippy material. Belkin claims the casing is durable and impact resistant.
Caption by / Photo by Belkin
Another Belkin case that caught our eye was the Belkin Groove Duo. It's similar to the GripVue, except that it has a laser-etched design on the back.
Caption by / Photo by Belkin
The iFrogz Luxe Lean is currently on sale in Best Buy for $24.99, and is designed to be extremely form-fitting to the iPhone 4. There are also tiny vents along its side for a more interesting look.
Caption by / Photo by iFrogz
These are merely renderings and not actual photographs, but we were very taken with these colorful InCase cases. The company plans on releasing them some time soon.
Caption by / Photo by InCase
iSkin makes a variety of different iPhone 4 cases. The ones seen here are the Solo and the Enigma. The Solo has a high-gloss finish and is available in an array of colors, while the Enigma is made with a leather exterior and a microfiber lining.
Caption by / Photo by iSkins
Speck Fitted comes in wide variety of patterns and will fit over the iPhone 4 without adding too much bulk.
Caption by / Photo by Speck
Speck makes another interesting iPhone 4 case, dubbed the PixelSkin HD. It is also a form-fitting case, but it has tiny rubber bumps on the back to make it a touch more durable and impact-resistant.
Caption by / Photo by Speck
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