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Welcome to LG's Digital Park

Assembling the G4 smartphone

Quality control

Running through the line

Your friendly neighborhood robot

LG's 640,000-square-meter Digital Park is home to 10,000 employees working on projects related to televisions, mobile and auto components. A small part of Digital Park is LG's mobile assembly facility, the largest of its five mobile assemblies found around the world.

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Two main parts of the G4 drop in at the beginning of the assembly line -- the front of the phone and the "main board," which contains key components. The workers, who work in pairs at each station, scan the parts before assembling them.

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An LG worker examines the back of the G4 to ensure everything is up to snuff. There's a lot of pressure to move quickly -- the target for G4 units assembled that day is nearly 15,000.

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The G4 has to pass through several stations, including ones that test the various radio signals and another more basic video and audio check. Another station adds a SIM card and battery, while another automated system prints the LG logo at the bottom of the phone.

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Once there are enough G4 units to fill a cardboard box, an Auto-Guided Vehicle comes around to pick up the box and ferry them away. It follows a track of gray duct tape on the floor to its next destination.

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