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Google's bursting out of your computer screen, shoving you off your chair before running off down the road to install itself in a shop. Specifically, the 'Chrome Zone' section of PC World on London's Tottenham Court Road, where punters can now get a hands-on look at Google's Chromebooks.

We took a brisk constitutional down to the Chrome Zone to check it out -- click through our photos above to ogle affairs from the comfort of your seat. 

Devised as a shop-within-a-shop, the Chrome Zone is daubed in signature Google colours, with comfy novelty chairs and an array of laptops for you to test out. It's not very big, comprising just two benches of products, but it's fun to see Google putting its name to an actual physical space.

For now at least, the space only showcases Chromebooks, the browser-based laptops that run Google's Chrome OS. We didn't think much of the first Chromebook we saw, though in-store Chrome specialist Latoya told us that the Zone had been "really, really busy" since it opened last week, especially over the weekend.

If you don't live near London but do live near Essex, you'll be chuffed to know there's another Chrome Zone opening today in the Lakeside Currys PC World shop.

It's interesting to see Google moving into retail, but we want more -- we're thinking a five-floor Google-themed shopping centre with a massive Android slide in the middle, and plush Android robots available to purchase. Oh, and framed Google doodles.

Should Google open its own shops, or does the very idea feel unnatural and deeply wrong? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook wall.

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A glass Chrome logo. Classy.
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The shop-within-a-shop has been set up to explain what Chromebooks are. And sell them, natch.
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Samsung's Chromebook is the only one on offer right now, but an Acer model is en route, we're told.
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Chromebooks are a pretty cool idea, but we're not totally in love with them.
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The whole kaboodle is daubed in Google's signature bright colours.
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Google. It's not just on the Internet any more!
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Comfy, colourful seating -- it's the future!
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