The 'Doogie Howser' of IT

Macedonia's Marko Calasan got his first professional credential at age 6, when he passed the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator exam. Now 9, he just went for the follow-on systems engineer certification.
Photo by: Courtesy of Marko Calasan

The IT guy

Marko already has his first computer administrating gig, managing a network of PCs at a nonprofit that works with people with disabilities. Most of the work, Marko said, can be done remotely, though he has to go in person to handle hardware issues.
Photo by: Courtesy of Marko Calasan

Not your average birthday cake

Befitting his interests, Marko had the Windows 7 logo on his most recent birthday cake when he turned nine last July.
Photo by: Courtesy of Marko Calasan

The student, already a teacher

When he is not in school, or remotely managing IT for a nonprofit, Marko teaches computer skills to other children at a lab donated by Macedonia's Ministry of Education.
Photo by: Courtesy of Marko Calasan

Speaking at Microsoft

Here, Marko is speaking to a crowd at Microsoft's Slovenian offices, discussing Active Directory.
Photo by: Courtesy of Marko Calasan


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