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HTC has a new top-end phone to shout about in the form of the One M9+. With its all-metal body it looks very similar to the existing One M9, but it packs a larger, higher resolution display, a fingerprint scanner and a depth-sensing camera.

HTC hasn't given pricing details yet, and hasn't said specifically when it'll be on sale. It'll hit UK shelves in the next few months, although there's no word on whether it'll see a US or Australian launch.

Caption by / Photo by HTC

One of the main updates is the display. At 5.2-inches, it's bigger than the standard M9's 5-inch screen and it has a much higher 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution.

Caption by / Photo by HTC

On the back of the phone you'll see the same depth-sensing lens that HTC introduced on the One M8 -- although it wasn't included in the One M9.

It can separate foreground subjects from the background to let you create a range of effects after you've taken your shot.

Caption by / Photo by HTC

The dual Boomsound speakers sit above and below the screen. Look at the one on the right though -- that's a fingerprint scanner sat on the front of the phone, something that was missing from the regular M9.

Caption by / Photo by HTC

Other features include an octa-core processor (a MediaTek, rather than Qualcomm chip though), the same 4-UltraPixel front-facing camera, expandable storage and a 2,840mAh battery.

Caption by / Photo by HTC
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