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HTC's Windows Phone parade

HTC Titan

HTC Titan II

HTC Surround

HTC Trophy

Just a splash

It's been a long time since we've seen an HTC-made Windows Phone, but if the rumors are right, a new one will emerge, with a design you may know. HTC is said to soon be debuting a Windows Phone version of its One M8 Android flagship.

It would be in good company, too. HTC's past Windows Phone efforts played around with audio, color, camera, and size.

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The 4.7-inch screen of 2011's HTC Titan seemed enormous at the time. Though it ran on a single-core processor, the metal device's design exuded luxury and its 8-megapixel camera took great shots.

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The Titan's follow-up, the Titan II, emerged the following year with the same size screen and a camera that was incredibly ambitious for 2012, 16-megapixels.

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 The wacky Surround, which arrived in 2010, was one of HTC's first projects to amp audio. Its slide-out speakers nevertheless make the phone heavy and failed to deliver any aural epiphanies.

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A more entry-level Windows Phone, 2011's HTC Trophy, as it was called with US carrier Verizon, had a 3.8-inch screen, which is shockingly small by today's standard.

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One of HTC's best claims to fame has always been its stylish design elements. The Trophy, like some other HTC-made phones, turned its flourishes to the inside, coloring it red.

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