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HTC Touch2

Windows Mobile 6.5

TouchFlo 3D interface

Zoom bar

The Touch2's camera

The HTC Touch2 is one of the first smartphones announced to run Windows Mobile 6.5. It will ship in select markets on October 6 but pricing was not revealed at this time.
Caption by / Photo by HTC
The HTC Touch2 will include the new features of Windows Mobile 6.5, such as a revamped Internet Explorer Mobile with Flash support, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and Microsoft's My Phone backup service.
Caption by / Photo by HTC
As part of the HTC Touch series, the smartphone uses the company's TouchFlo 3D interface, which provides easy access to your apps through a tabbed menu.
Caption by / Photo by HTC
Like the HTC Touch Pro2 and Diamond2, the Touch2 is equipped with a touch-sensitive zoom bar that lets you easily zoom in and out of pages.
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The smartphone has a 3.2-megapixel camera and comes with 512MB ROM/256MB RAM and a microSD expansion slot that can accept up to 16GB cards.
Caption by / Photo by HTC
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