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Step 1: Get the software

Download, install, and open MP3 My MP3 Recorder

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Step 2: Dedicate your system

Close all extraneous apps, and turn off any audio alerts you may have on your desktop. Streaming audio can be recorded from the Internet or any other audio source coming through your sound card, but since the software records from the sound card, it will also pick up anything else you hear through your computer's speakers or headphones.

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Step 3: Set the input source

Click Input, then select Stereo Mix.

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Step 4: Set the output information

Click the Options tab, then decide which file type you would like to record to, MP3 or WAV. Also, select your bit rate. The higher the bit rate, the larger the file and the better the sound quality. For our example, we've selected 256kbps MP3, which sounds good enough to our ears. You can also choose the directory where you would like the resulting file to be saved.

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Step 5: Set the levels

Start playback on your audio source. You want the meters on the right edge of the program window to average out around the high greens to mid yellows, being careful that the meters don't go into the reds during the loudest parts of the song. You can use the two volume controls to adjust the levels.

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Step 6: Start recording

Click the big, red record button in the lower left portion of the window. Click the stop button once you've recorded all you wish to capture.

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Step 7: Rename, rinse, and repeat

Click the Rename tab at the top of the menu. Then, in the box below, name the file as you wish. Repeat all the steps for as many tracks as you'd like.

Alternatively, you may choose to record one long stream, and then split the audio into individual tracks.

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