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Velcro wall art


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No matter whether you are a die-hard Xbox gamer, Nintendo fanatic, devoted PlayStation fan or all of the above, chances are you have controllers, charging cables, headsets, battery packs, extra USB cables and more cluttering up your living room or den. While these accessories are vital to your gaming experience, they can be eyesores. Here are seven ways to organize, hide or beautify your video gaming accessories.

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Do you have limited-edition controllers that you want to display, not hide away? Why not make them wall art? Use heavy-duty adhesive Velcro to attach controllers to the wall near your gaming chair. Make sure to use the soft loop side of the Velcro on the controller to avoid friction on your hands while you play. Also, apply the Velcro to the battery pack instead of the controller itself so that the controller stays pristine.

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If your entertainment center doesn't have drawers or cabinets, a cubbyhole stuffed full of gear can look messy. A great solution is to buy inexpensive baskets at your local discount store. Make sure to measure the height of each shelf so that you don't buy a basket that is too big, though.

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This DIY headset hanger is a great addition to your desk, and it would be a chic way to organize your headsets and cords on a wall near your favorite gaming chair as well.

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My favorite place to stash gaming gear is inside my footstool. You can buy footstools with hidden storage or you can make your own ottoman with storage. The bonus is you can prop your feet up while you play. Score!

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A wall-mounted fold-away standing desk is another good way to make gaming gear disappear. These desks typically come with various cups and other storage areas that are perfect for organizing cables, controllers and more. The ErgotronHome's Workspace Hub and the Keating Wall Mount Laptop Desk are two sturdy, attractive choices.

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Screw a few cup hooks on the inside of a cabinet door or on the wall, wrap your cables and clip them with a binder clip. Then, hang the binder clips on the cup hooks to keep your cords organized and tangle-free.

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Head to the office supply store and grab an organizer that's meant for keeping papers and pens wrangled. Attach it to the wall with two strategically placed screws at the top and fill with your gaming goodies.

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