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Which spell is the most magical?

14. Reparo

13. Riddikulus

12. Accio

11. Alohomora

10. Crucio

9. Petrificus Totalus

8. Wingardium Leviosa

7. Sectumsempra

6. Lumos

5. Expelliarmus

4. Avada Kedavra

3. Obliviate

2. Confundo

1. Expecto Patronum

In celebration of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," we have some business to attend to.

First, we need all of the Muggles to please leave the room.

OK, now that it's just us magical folk, it's time to rank the popular "Harry Potter" movie spells, from simply useful to super hard-core.

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It's a simple and humble spell, but a handy one. Hermoine uses a variation, "Oculus Reparo," as her first spell in the film series to fix Harry's glasses.

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This boggart-banishing spell takes something scary and turns it into something silly. You know, like when Neville Longbottom pictured the frightening Professor Snape...then put him in his grandmother's clothes.

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The ideal spell for the lazy, this summoning charm can be used to bring an object closer to you.

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Forgot your keys? Sneaking into a place you don't belong? Managing mischief? This unlocking charm means you'll never need a locksmith again.

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One of the three unforgivable curses, this torturous spell causes excruciating pain for your victim.

Powerful? Yes. Morally OK? Absolutely not. Still this one makes the list for its memorable usage by Barty Crouch Jr., when he was disguised as Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody.

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A pretty basic spell for a young wizard or witch, this is a full-body-bind curse.

You can easily paralyze your opponent with this little spell, like Hermoine did to Neville Longbottom.

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One of the first spells taught to underclassmen at Hogwarts, this levitation charm can make objects like feathers fly or levitate.

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This curse was created by Professor Severus Snape when he was a young man. This dark spell leaves cuts on your victim that may never heal.

Though horrifying, the curse provided a major dramatic moment when Harry used it on Draco.

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Why carry a flashlight when you can use this charm to illuminate the tip of your wand? This is a surprisingly useful spell.

For a bit of phone magic, Android users can now also use "OK Google, Lumos" and "OK Google, Nox" to turn their handset's flashlight on and off.

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Go on the defensive with this disarming incantation that knocks things, like your opponent's wand, out of hand.

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Another unforgivable spell, this is the killing curse...a Dark Arts tool. It's clearly the worst spell of them all, but its power cannot be ignored on a list like this.

That said, we can't put this spell at the top of this list, because Harry did beat it with his own mojo.

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This incantation can erase memories from your subject's mind. If you're Gilderoy Lockhart, you may accidentally cast this spell on yourself.

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The perfect spell for messing with people, this charm confuses a person or bewitches an object, like a broom.

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This is undoubtedly the most popular spell in the film series. This powerful defensive incantation uses a happy memory to conjure something positive, like a silvery-white animal that can chase off Dementors.

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