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Vision test

In a new video, Google reveals plans for a futuristic ultra-connected augmented reality that displays nearly every Google product in a pair of glasses.

Project Glass, as Google calls it, is the company's prototype of a hands-free system that can pull up maps, directions, events notifications, and the locations of nearby friends right in a wearer's line of sight.

Read more about Project Glass here.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot
Google co-founder Sergey Brin sports augmented reality glasses at a charity event yesterday.
Photo by: Thomas Hawk

Google's Project Glass icons

A few of the available Google services icons are show in the Project Glass heads-up display.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Check your calendar

Wake up and get a glimpse of your day's agenda with the pop-up calendar in Google's Project Glass.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Chat notifications

See your incoming chat messages
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Respond to chats with your voice

And respond to chats with your voice just by speaking.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Pop notifications

Get pop-up notifications in the heads-up display glasses.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

In-eye maps and directions

Lost? Simply speak and a map and directions pop up right before your eyes.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Turn by turn navigation

Even get turn by turn directions right in the heads up display.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Where are they?

Get notified that friends are located nearby.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

An on-demand in-eye camera

Want to snap a picture? Call up your camera, see the frame, and take a picture as you look at it.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Speak to add events

Want to see that show? Add it right to your calendar immediately.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

In store directions

Find maps and directions to specific areas inside stores right away on the heads-up display.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Check in to your favorite spots

Check into your favorite spots right away with Project Glass.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot

Video chat and share view

Video chat with friends right in your field of view, and maybe ever share your view of the world.

Read more about Project Glass here.
Photo by: CNET/Screenshot


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