Lego Mini Cooper

Lego said today that it will release its first-ever Mini Cooper set. Scheduled for an August release, the set will cost $100.

Photo by: Lego

Classic green and white

The set has 1,077 pieces and the Mini Cooper is 4 inches high by 9 inches long by 5 inches wide.

Photo by: Lego

Mini Cooper box

The front of the Lego Mini Cooper box.

Photo by: Lego

Back of the box

The back of the Lego Mini Cooper box.

Photo by: Lego

Ready for a picnic

The set features a picnic basket, bottle, and a blanket.

Photo by: Lego

Open the trunk

A look inside the Mini Cooper's trunk, where the picnic basket and blanket are stored.

Photo by: Lego


The rear of the Mini Cooper opens wide enough for a spare tire.

Photo by: Lego

Open door

All the Mini Cooper's doors are meant to open, allowing a view inside the car.

Photo by: Lego


The Mini Cooper's roof is detachable, perfect for a ride in the country. If you're a Lego mini-figure.

Photo by: Lego

Roof off

A look at the Lego Mini Cooper with its roof off.

Photo by: Lego


A look inside the Mini Cooper from the side, with the door open and the roof off.

Photo by: Lego

Front view

The Mini Cooper features a classic green and white color scheme.

Photo by: Lego

Rear view

The rear view of the Lego Mini Cooper Mk VII.

Photo by: Lego

Spare tire

What car would be complete without a spare tire?

Photo by: Lego

Picnic time

A better look at the picnic basket, bottle, and blanket.

Photo by: Lego
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