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Sick of staring at your boring home phone? Love the functionality of your smart phone? Then great news, as Gigaset has gone ahead and made a home phone that looks -- and acts -- like a smart phone.

Rather than have some boring plastic phone stuck to your face as you chatter away to your parents, the catchy-titled Gigaset SL910A packs a 3.5-inch, full-colour touchscreen. It lets you store up to 500 contacts that you can easily scroll through with your fingers, rather than flicking through an age-old address book on your Welsh dresser.

You can save important contacts to its home screen for easy access and program important dates into the phone's calendar. It can also store up to 240 photos that can be either assigned to contacts to display when they ring, or have them cycling through when the phone is on standby. Because God forbid you should ever have a screen in your house that isn't cycling through holiday snaps.

It's not a true smart phone, though -- it isn't running an operating system such as Android, so you won't be able to put apps and games on it for some fun in your downtime. It does have an optional loudspeaker unit though. So there's that.

With its chrome-effect frame and black battery cover, it looks slightly reminiscent of Huawei's Blaze smart phone. It looks pretty good sat in the handy little cradle, so it'll appeal to those of you who can't abide having those old-fashioned looking phones with the big buttons on the front that you turn with one finger. You know the ones we mean.

If smart-phone stylings in the living room is your thing, prepare to stump up £140 for the SL910A when it goes on sale in November. In the meantime, have a look through our photo gallery and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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It's quite a neat-looking little thing sat in its dock.
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"Yes, that's right, it's a home phone that looks like a smart phone! I'm living in the future."
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Fairly standard blackness around the back.
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It's pretty slim, so it should slide down the edge of your sofa no problem.
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It's a lovely little cradle. Maybe pop it on the dresser. Or on a little table next to some potpourri.
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