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Film and TV productions often make use of Steadicam camera-stabilisation rigs. They're used to pull off stunning shots that make the video camera seem to be floating through the air, without any judder. But those rigs don't come cheap and, with iPhones and other small video recorders gaining in popularity all the time, it makes sense to offer a smaller version. That's where the Steadicam Smoothee comes in.

The Smoothee is like a scaled-down version of the Steadicam Merlin, which is designed for small and light camcorders. All Steadicams work in the same basic way. They take the centre of gravity from somewhere 'inside' the camera, and move it to a gimbal, giving the operator more control. This means tracking shots are suddenly more fluid and visually impressive.

To control the Smoothee, you simply hold the handle in one hand and use your other hand to gently control the direction that the iPhone is pointing in. It's simple to use, requires very little practice and produces surprisingly slick results. And, because it's so light, you can use it for ages without getting arm ache.

The Steadicam changed the way Stanley Kubrick made movies, so, with some patience and practice, we're sure you'll produce some stunning shots too. 

The Smoothee is available now for about $180 (£115). If you fancy seeing what's possible with the device, Tiffen, the distributor, has a page containing demonstration videos for you to peruse. Check out our photo gallery to see more of the Smoothee.

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