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PlayStation Vita

iPad (third generation)

Nintendo 3DS

OnLive MicroConsole

The Walking Dead

Sony's PlayStation Vita is by far the best portable gaming-focused machine out there and with a bevy of must-have launch titles, there's plenty of games to get that new graduate started!
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Not only is the iPad a great all-around tablet for the new graduate in your life, but it offers an insane amount of quick and easy casual gaming experiences. The best part? Most games are $0.99 to $4.99!
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Now that the 3DS has had a year under its belt, we're starting to see a number of very respectable titles come its way. Priced much cheaper than the Vita, the 3DS is the budget-smart alternative to a Vita and is fully backwards compatible with the amazing library of original Nintendo DS games.
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Since Grads are always on the go, the OnLive MicroConsole lets you bring an amazing gaming experience with you. As long as you have a TV and an Internet connection, OnLive allows you to play hundreds of titles remotely.
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One of the most popular comic books of all time has not only transformed into a series on AMC, but it's also become a highly anticipated episodic video game series for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, and PC.
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