Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

High-end portable gaming doesn't necessarily have to come at an impossible price. It might not be the latest mobile graphics card, but 2x SLI GTX 650M GPUs is nothing to scoff at. Read full review
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive
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Astro A50

Portable surround sound headphones are perfect for Dad. Those late-night gaming sessions are an easy way to wake up the neighbors, so fix the problem before it starts with a pair of these A50s. Read editors' take
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive
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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

It seems like Blood Dragon was ripped right out of a cheesy '80s action flick -- and that's exactly what Ubisoft Montreal was going for. Using the same engine as the spectacular Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon is half joke, half first-person-shooter, but all '80s. Read editors' take
Photo by: Ubisoft Montreal
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Metro: Last Light

Picking up where Metro 2033 left off, Last Light continues the story of a Russian society forced underground after a nuclear war. Read editors' take
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

Tiger 14 might not help Dad's short game, but odds are he'll shoot a lot better in the videogame than in real life. The latest edition of the game also features classic golfers like Arnold Palmer and Bobby Jones. Read editors' take
Photo by: EA Sports
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