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A wild dragon appears

Caution: spoilers from season 6, and other seasons, are coming.

Some "Game of Thrones" scenes have proven particularly satisfying over the years, whether they show a villain getting his comeuppance or a dragon blazing into the spotlight. Here, we relive the most gratifying "Thrones" moments of all time.

Season 1, episode 10: "Fire and Blood"

The inaugural season of "Game of Thrones" is memorable for introducing us to the cast of characters and the varied landscapes of the Seven Kingdoms. Perhaps the greatest "wow" moment happens in the finale when Daenerys Targaryen emerges unburnt from her husband's funeral pyre with baby dragons draped around her body. We were promised dragons and the show delivered them in spectacular fashion.

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Tyrion slaps Joffrey

Season 2, episode 6: "The Old Gods and the New"

Nobody except his mother Cersei actually liked Joffrey Baratheon, the petty and mean young king. His uncle Tyrion Lannister is particularly disgusted by the whiny boy after the king orders his guards to slaughter civilians in King's Landing when someone throws a cow pie on him. Tyrion gives him a good talking to, calling him a "vicious idiot boy-king," before finally delivering a satisfying slap to Joffrey's face.

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Drogon makes slaver toast

Season 3, episode 4: "And Now His Watch is Ended"

"Game of Thrones" fans can't get enough dragons. We saw the cute little dragon hatchlings back in season 1, but by season 3 they're growing into petulant teens. Drogon gets a chance to fire up the grill by breathing flames down onto a slaver. This happens during the tense scene where Daenerys takes command of the Unsullied army. It's extremely enjoyable to see a dragon testing its powers.

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Jaime mans up

Season 3, episode 7: "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

Incestuous Jaime Lannister is a perfect example of a character who operates in shades of gray on "Game of Thrones." He really steps up in season 3 when he returns to help save all-around-good-person Brienne of Tarth from a bear fight in a pit where she's armed with only a wood sword. The moment solidifies Brienne and Jaime as one of the more endearing buddy teams on the show.

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Sam gets his White Walker

Season 3, episode 8: "Second Sons"

Samwell Tarly is a member of the Night's Watch, but few people take him seriously. He gets a moment of incredible heroism when he takes on a deadly White Walker that has come to snatch his friend Gilly's newborn baby. Sam is a lover, not a fighter, but he still manages to dispatch the White Walker by using a dragonglass dagger, giving viewers everywhere a reason to cheer for the nice guy.

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See ya, Joffrey

Season 4, episode 2: "The Lion and the Rose"

Insufferable child-king Joffrey's bad karma finally kicked in during his wedding celebration when he drank poisoned wine and departed life with his face covered in spit and blood. It was a gruesome death scene, but fans welcomed his demise with cheers.

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Arya's revenge

Season 5, episode 10: "Mother's Mercy"

Everybody loves Arya Stark, the plucky, sword-fighting girl who travels to the far lands of Braavos to learn how to be a many-faced assassin. But she can't ever seem to fully embrace anonymity. Arya doesn't pass up the opportunity to take out the first person named on her personal hit list when she stabby-stab-stabs evil dude Ser Meryn Trant. Trant was responsible for the death of Arya's fighting mentor Syrio Forel. This scene takes the old "eye-for-an-eye" adage quite seriously.

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Brienne and Sansa reunite

Season 6, episode 1: "The Red Woman"

"Game of Thrones" has all sorts of characters with mixed motivations who veer between good works and evil deeds. Brienne of Tarth, a powerful fighter pledged to aid Sansa Stark, is one of the most clearly "good" people on the show. She's strong, selfless, loyal and courageous. The scene where she reunites with Sansa, kneels and recommits herself to Sansa's cause is a touching moment for both characters.

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The Bastard Battle resolves

Season 6: episode 9: "Battle of the Bastards"

And you thought King Joffrey's spit-filled death was satisfying. With Joffrey gone, Ramsay Bolton won the mantle of Most-Hated Man in Westeros with his horrifying behavior, including feeding his half-brother to dogs. His abuse of Sansa Stark finally came around to bite him in the face when she watches as his starving dogs eat his flesh. The unflinching expression on her face shows how she's changed during the series. See ya, Ramsay. Don't let the dungeon door hit you in the butt on the way out.

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Lady Mormont kicks butt

Season 6, episode 7: "The Broken Man"

Lady Lyanna Mormont is the leader of Bear Island. The Stark siblings come to her for help and the loan of fighting men to take on the great twit Ramsay Bolton in the battle to for Winterfell. Mormont's scene with the Starks steals the show as the 10-year-old displays incredible fortitude, sassiness and wisdom. She's a pint-sized heroine everyone can root for.

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