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The Super Mario Land series

Highlighted by Super Mario Land 2, these titles proved Mario could have new adventures on the portable front.

The Legend of Zelda series

These three Zelda titles make up the first portable offerings for everyone's favorite hero of Hyrule.

The Kirby franchise

Besides the two Kirby's Dream Land games, we'd really love to see Kirby Pinball Land on the DSi Ship. It's a charming little pinball game with Kirby themes and levels. It's black-and-white, but it's the perfect example of a unique game lost in time that only a Virtual Console release would be able to rediscover. And who gets tired of pinball?

Metroid II

Metroid II blew gamers away with its complexity and variation of game play elements. It may have been the only Metroid title for the Game Boy, but it's a memorable one nonetheless.
One of the original Game Boy's first titles, this grayscale adaptation of the NES game is a 3/4 perspective RC racing bundle of awesome. Power-ups and track navigation feel like Super Sprint.

Nintendo Sports series

The Nintendo Game Boy sports games were simple enough and perfect for those quick gaming sessions. Why not sell these three as a Game Boy Sports pack?


Alleyway was an incredibly addictive block-breaking game for the original Game Boy. If it ever makes it to the DSi we'd love a save feature!

Super Mario Deluxe

The Game Boy Color was a transitional platform, but one of its best titles was a pixel-perfect color version of Super Mario Bros. We've all played it a million times, but this is a shoo-in for a Game Boy Virtual Console (and we'd prefer the inclusion of some of this version's extras).

Game and Watch series

Word is that Nintendo's releasing Game and Watch titles to the DSi, but the Game Boy Advance saw four different compilations of these classic games, Nintendo's very first LCD handhelds released in the early 80s. We deserve to see every one of these become available, and preferably for individual purchase (some are better than others).

Bit Generations

Nintendo only released these retro-awesome minigames in Japan, but their minimalist look and addictive arcade play inspired the Art Style series for the Wii and DSi. Rather than reinvent these, why not re-release the series in its original form?

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