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Restraint? Delayed gratification? Fujifilm says pah! to such namby-pamby notions, and when launching its new camera line-up has elected to simply upend a sackful of new models all over technology love-in CES 2011. Not content with a range of superzooms, Fuji announces the FinePix Z90 (pictured above), AV200, AX300, JV200, JX300 and JX350 entry-level point-and-shoots.

The new models are set to arrive on shop shelves stateside in mid-January to mid-March, and all for some seriously wallet-friendly prices. UK release dates will follow, no doubt with a hefty chunk of change to be added to the rock-bottom US price tags when they cross the pond.

First up, the 14-megapixel FinePix Z90 is the latest Z-series of slidey-front snappers. Bedecked in black, red, blue, silver, pink and purple, it sports a 5x optical zoom and 3-inch touchscreen. Video is 720p and can pause and restart in a single movie clip. The Z90 will cost £150 in the UK, while the rest are yet to be confirmed.

The 14-megapixel JX300 and 16-megapixel JX350 each sport a 5x optical zoom lens, 2.7-inch screen. They'll set US users back just $130 (£85) or $160 (£100).

At the cheapest end of the spectrum are the 14-megapixel FinePix AV200, AX300, and JV200, starting at a mouthwatering $100 (£65). The AV200 offers a 3x optical zoom, while the AX300 manages 5x. Both get their go-juice from AA batteries. The JV200 has its own rechargeable battery and costs $110 (£70).

The Z90 sports a 3-inch touchscreen.
The Z90 at rest.
The AV200 is the cheapest of the bunch.
The JV200 comes in black, pink and silver.
The JX300 in pink.
The JX350 adds blue and red to the black, pink and silver colour options.


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