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Fujifilm has dropped a fistful of zoom at techfest CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The HS20EXR tops the bill, followed by the S2950, S3200, and S4000 superzooms, and T200 and T300 compacts. They're all set to arrive in the US in March, zooming over to Blighty shortly after.

The 16-megapixel FinePix HS20EXR packs a whopping 30x optical zoom in its 24mm-equivalent wide angle Fujinon lens. The HS20 is set to offer great low-light performance thanks to the EXR sensor seen in the FinePix F300EXR compact and S200EXR superzoom. It also adds the increasingly popular backside-illuminated sensor technology, making the CMOS chip more effective.

The back of the camera includes a tilting 3-inch screen for shooting at different angles. That's joined by a viewfinder with a sensor that switches between screen and eyepiece when it detects you moving the camera to or from your eye.

The HS20EXR zaps up to 7.6 frames per second at full resolution, for eight frames. It can also capture 320fps slow-mo and 360-degree panoramas. It shoots raw files or JPEG, or both at the same time. Video is 1080p with an HDMI socket. It's set to cost $500 (£320) in the US.

S Express

Fujifilm follows up with three traditional SLR-styled superzooms, in the form of the FinePix S2950, S3200, and S4000. All three are 14-megapixel snappers with 3-inch screens and electronic viewfinders, shooting 720p video, and powered by AA batteries. The S2950 starts things off with an 18x optical zoom, followed by the S3200 at 24x and S4000 at 30x.

The S2950, S3200, and S4000 cost $230 (£150), $250 (£160), and $280 (£180) respectively.

T minus 10

The FinePix T200 and T300 have been sent back through time to assassinate John Connor -- oh hang on, no, they're long-zooming compact cameras. The 14-megapixel snappers sport a 10x optical zoom and shoot 720p high-definition video. The T200 has a 2.7-inch screen, while the T300 goes large with a 3-inch.

US prices are $180 (£120) for the T200, and $200 (£130) for the T300. We'd be pretty chuffed if those bargainous prices made it across the pond, but with VAT inflating prices like a crazed bouncy castle attendant it's unlikely.

This the T300 Fujifilm FinePix.
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The HS20 leads the pack.
Caption by /
The HS20 features a handy tilting screen.
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The S2590 boasts an 18x zoom.
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It's a 24x zoo if you go for the S3200.
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The S4000 is the daddy of the line-up, with a 30x zoom.
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The T200 packs a paltry 10x zoom. Never mind, T200, it's not the size that counts.
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The T300 comes in vibrant red...
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...or a lovely blue. That's all Scousers covered then.
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