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Remember our badge competition? The one where we asked you to design a badge for us in exchange for glory and a warm feeling inside? You missed it, you say? Shame, it was really good. Anyway, time to reveal who won.

We loved each and every one of the designs we received and really appreciated the thought and effort you all put into them. Whether it was a Terminator 2-style Rich Trenholm, an image of the team presented in the style of an iPhone menu or a picture of Luke gurning, we laughed along with them all.

We like them all so much that, in the end, rather than make just one design, we got all of them made into something real. That means everyone who took the time to craft a design will get their badge for real -- just drop us an email with the design you made and your postal address to and we'll pop it in the post for you.

Don't worry, we haven't copped out entirely. In a heated judging session, we stuck all the designs on the wall and had a mass debate about the merits of each. Things got heated and in the end, a complex Eurovision-style scoring system had to be devised to help us agree on the top three.

The winners of the CNET UK badge competition June 2011 are (opens envelope): in third place, Jason Forster with his spectacular usage of the CNET UK logo smacking Flora in the chops. In second place, Marc Crane picks up the gong for making Jason, Rich, Charles and Luke look like they might once have been in a less successful version of Blur. But the overall winner is Barry Gingell, not just for having the best name, but for moving us deeply with his Tron: Legacy-inspired CNET UK logo. Well done Baz, have a badge and the kudos of beating some seriously talented designers.

CNET UK badge winners

As this whole thing has taken longer to pull together than we originally thought (it turns out making badges is a little tricky), we thought we'd offer a little treat to everyone who entered or nearly entered in the form of a photo gallery. Click through the images above to see all the badges in action, as the CNET UK team pose incredibly naturally with your designs in our glamorous London offices.

This isn't the end, though. Oh no, not by a long way. We've now got a bunch of spare winning badges to give away, which we'll be doing on the CNET UK podcast over the next few weeks and on our Facebook page.

Click 'Like' on our Facebook page to keep informed of when and where, and congratulations to the winners once again.

Caption by /
Rory Reid poses naturally with a badge by Marc Crane (left) and Jason Forster (right).
Caption by /
Luke Westaway plays with a double helping of Jason Forster's work.
Caption by /
A ruddy Rich Trenholm finds badges from Marc Crane and Jason Forster in the pool table.
Caption by /
New recruit Andrew Hoyle smiles with Mat Greenfield's great take on the iPhone home screen.
Caption by /
We're not sure what Nick Hide is doing, but the badges are by Marc Crane (left) and Jason Forster (right).
Caption by /
Huge thanks to (anti-clockwise from top left) Mat Greenfield, Ben Buffone, Elvina Mezzone, Josh Shaw, Martyn Butler and Marc Crane for these entries.
Caption by /
Here's our editor Jason Jenkins with Barry Gingell's winning badge on a plate for some reason. Well done Barry!
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