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'The Aviator'

'Blazing Saddles'

'Braveheart'/'Gladiator' Two-pack

'A Bridge Too Far'

'The Dark Knight'

'Die Hard'



'Office Space'

'Saving Private Ryan'


'The Terminator'

'The Thing'

'The Untouchables'

'The Wild Bunch'

The most-nominated film of the 2005 Academy Awards has good replay value, particularly if you're into Howard Hughes. Amazon is currently selling it for $9.99, though it sometimes dips to $7.99.

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Classic comedy, good price.

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At around $19, this is technically more than our $15 limit. But you're getting two full movies--the Academy Award winners "Braveheart" and "Gladiator"--for under $10 each. Even better, these are--according to the Amazon user reviews--the existing two-disc Blu-ray versions of each movie, so you're not losing any extras. It's doubly incredible when you consider that buying the same movies separately will set you back $33.32. In our book, this two-pack is a downright steal if you enjoy these historical epics, which both look great on Blu-ray.

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They don't make 'em like this anymore. Richard Attenborough's 1970s World War II epic uses a cast of thousands--and no fake CGI--to recreate the doomed Operation Market Garden of 1944.

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Another title that also made our Must-have Blu-ray list. Great for testing black levels on your TV (yes, it's a dark movie). Just don't be freaked out by the fact that the aspect ratio switches from letterbox (2.35:1) to full wide screen (1.85:1) to maintain the full resolution of the IMAX action scenes.

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The original, and still the best. The film that made Bruce Willis an action star still holds up more than 20 years later.

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David Katzmaier, our video guru, said, "You gotta have 'Ghostbusters' on the list." So here it is.

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Arguably one of the top three gangster movies ever made. It's priced right, too.

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Did you get that memo that the "Office Space" Blu-ray is $7.99? We need to talk about your TPS reports.

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It's interesting to watch "Saving Private Ryan" again after all these years because you realize how much influence it's had on today's video games. Like Spielberg's other recent Blu-ray release, "Minority Report," the video has some grain and color hues that make it seem less than pristine--but that's how the movie's supposed to look (and it does look good). Not surprisingly, the first 25 minutes are that much more intense in HD.

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Amazon's running a $10.49 special on "Superbad," which we're kind of McLovin'.

Warning to those who are offended by crude and vulgar dialogue: you will be offended (to the max).

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We liked it when Arnold didn't speak much.

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John Carpenter's horror classic is currently available for less than $15.

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"You wanna get high-def? Here's how you get it. He pulls a DVD, you pull a Blu-ray. He sends one of yours to streaming, you send one of his to Amazon. That's the Chicago way--and that's how you get high-def."

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Director Sam Peckinpah's blood-soaked epic Western helped redefine the genre in 1969, and it still stands as one of the greatest tough-guys-on-an-impossible-mission film ever made, thanks to great performances from old-school legends like William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan, and Warren Oates. And it's all yours in high-def, for an unbelievable $8.

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