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Facebook's new look

Facebook's new design is rolling out for both computers and mobile devices. Click through to find out what's changed.

Photo by: Facebook

One service, many devices

Facebook's new look is similar on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The company says it wants everything to be consistent, so users don't feel lost, or wind up with missing features when jumping from platform to platform.

Photo by: Facebook

Photos are now a lot larger

That big photo you shared used to look small on the News Feed. Facebook's changed that. Photos are now considerably larger, and associated options, such as liking and sharing, are gathered together in one module.

Photo by: Facebook

Bigger is the new better

As part of the change, Facebook is enlarging things you see on the feed, so they're easier to spot. This includes videos, which get larger thumbnail player windows, as well as bigger photo icons that show you who liked or shared a post.

Photo by: Facebook

Bigger previews, sharing

Shared items from third parties are now larger, and show you head shots of friends and other Facebook users who interacted with that same content.

Photo by: Facebook

More information on posts

The bigger-is-better mentality carries over to locations now, so if you've tagged a place or a location in a post, the post will include a map.

Photo by: Facebook

Bigger third-party posts

If you're sharing something from a third-party service, including Pinterest, those items now get more of a presence, Facebook says. Seen here, some things pinned from Pinterest.

Photo by: Facebook

A refresh to calendar events

Upcoming events have been given a tweak to make them stand out a little more.

Photo by: Facebook

Desktop and mobile scale

Here's another look at a News Feed page on a computer and a mobile device.

Photo by: Facebook

New look for 'most shared' story clusters

Facebook also changed the way the "most shared" stories for a person or page are displayed, with bigger previews, and info underneath. The social network said it really wants the whole experience to feel more like a personalized newspaper.

Photo by: Facebook

One menu, many devices

The new menu on the desktop side is a carryover from what Facebook has been using on mobile devices for a while now. The company says it wants to make sure people can find the same menu item or shortcut they're used to, no matter where they're accessing the service from.

Photo by: Facebook

That same menu minimized

Here's the same menu when it's minimized.

Photo by: Facebook

Some small tweaks

A new notification, which is the same across all devices, will pop up when there are new posts -- something designed both as an alert, as well as to keep you reading.

Photo by: Facebook


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