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Google's chairman Eric Schmidt has been snapped using Motorola's Moto X Phone, Italian site reports, via The Verge.

We've seen the handset -- which is made by Google -- a couple of times before, but usually in that inimitable style reserved for product leaks. You know the type, where the camera's flash is reflected back in the screen, and it looks like the picture was snapped through a layer of cling film. Whereas here we see Schmidt swanning around a business conference in Italy, using the handset like it's no biggie, even though it hasn't been announced yet.

So what do we learn about the device? Well the model Schmidt was papped with has a white back and black front, just like the white Nexus 4. It also looks mighty skinny on the left and right edges, but thicker in the middle.

Sadly there's no word on the specs. But it's undoubtedly the best look yet at the forthcoming handset.

The Moto X phone is said to be coming this summer, according to a Motorola exec. It should have a 4.8-inch screen made of sapphire glass, that should be virtually indestructible. And that back should be carbon fibre. It'll also have two processors, according to the Motorola exec, and could debut Android 4.3 Key Lime Pie.

One of those processors will be a 1.7GHz dual-core effort, according to rumours. The handset should have a 720p OLED display, which isn't quite up to par with the Samsung Galaxy S4's 1080p one, and the camera should be 10-megapixels. Again, not quite up there with what we've seen this week.

Nothing is confirmed yet of course, so it's worth taking these specs with a pinch of salt.

Are you looking forward to the Moto X? Or are those specs a bit of a letdown? Shout up in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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