Earphones you push down your ear canal are popular, but not for everyone. Neither, too, are full-size over-the-ear cans when it comes to use on the go. We've been listening to a great new set of little on-ear headphones from AKG -- the AKG K 430s.

These are a really dinky, foldable set of headphones that rest on the ear itself rather than around it -- ideal for tiny people, travellers, and tiny travellers. They seem well-constructed and very comfortable, with soft ear pads that don't induce an uncontrollable waterfall of bothersome sweat to cascade from your external auditory meatus.

As performers, these £60 mini-cans are impressive. They're not going to please the hardcore dance fans with their gentle bass, but at this price point we're happy to report they're clear, nicely balanced and pretty loud.

They've got quite a bright voice, with a good deal of punch. Rock and metal sounded good, as did pop and R 'n' B. Just keep in mind you're getting clarity and a small size here, at the cost of booming bass.

The K 430s are on sale now for between £50 and £60.

The earcups themselves measure just 51mm (2 inches) in diameter.
Both sides of the headband can be adjusted to fit massive skulls. Got a massive skull? High fives all round.
An integrated volume control sits half way up the headphone cable.
The 430s fold flat and come with a little hard case. Ideal for travelling, you might say. We'd definitely say so.
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