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iFrogz provides one example of wood-encased earphones with its Ear Pollution Timbre earbuds, an inexpensive pair that provides very natural-sounding audio and ear-vibrating bass.
Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET
The Ear Pollution Timbre earphones are available in two models: a standard MP3 player version that sells for $39.99 and an iPhone/smartphone set with an inline mic and a price of $49.99, though they retail for closer to $20 and $35, respectively.
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Both options come in a choice of two finishes, either light or dark, and feature average-size cylindrical earpieces. These are ensconced mainly in wood, though the speaker end is actually constructed of a metallic plastic.
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Descending from each earbud is a relatively thin, black Y cable that meets 14 inches down to form one thicker cable. The cord continues for an additional 30 inches before terminating in a nickel-plated straight plug. All in all, the cable is quite thin and seems pretty fragile, which is typical of earbuds in this price range.
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Although the Timbre earphones aren't overly large, they're not the most ergonomic set we've come across, mainly because the music port is fairly big around. That said, we were able to achieve a reasonably comfortable fit from the smallest of the three sets of silicone sleeves that are included in the package.
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One thing can be said for certain of the Timbre earphones and that is that they sound noticeably different from most other earbuds we've tested. First of all, audio comes across as much more open-sounding than what is typical with in-ear 'phones. Also, lows sound exceptionally natural--there's really no other way to put it.
Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET
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