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This Trumpkin yells his tweets

Here're some of the best Trumpkins posted on social media this terrifying season.

This Trumpkin shows Donald Trump yelling, hopefully one of his memorable tweets.

Published:Caption:Photo:David Jones
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Make Halloween great again

"Here is my Halloween Trumpkin," was tweeted last week by Republican strategist Roger Stone, who hosts "Stone Cold Truth." "It's Amazing, classy and YUGE -- Only @RealDonaldTrump can make America great again!," Stone writes with this scary pumpkin photo.

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Dapper Trumpkin wears a tie

"Scariest thing you'll see this Halloween... Behold the #Trumpkin," Shelli Wright tweeted in September.

Published:Caption:Photo:Shelli Wright
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Bigger than life Trumpkin

Last year, Ohio artist Jeanette Paras unveiled a massive 374-pound (170-kilogram) pumpkin that she spent about 10 hours meticulously painting to look like Donald Trump, and it's impressive.

Published:Caption:Photo:Paras Pumpkins
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Trumpkin or Billy Idol?

This Trumpkin posted over at Bits And Pieces last year is a nice likeness of Donald, but the hair seems more Billy Idol than presidential.

Published:Caption:Photo:Bits And Pieces
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Trump or the king of rock 'n' roll?

This Donald Trump pumpkin was spotted by the Geeks Are Sexy blog at the Montreal Botanical Garden. Though to be honest, with that snarl, it could easily be mistaken for Elvis Presley.

Published:Caption:Photo:Geeks Are Sexy
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This Trumpkin wins ribbons

It's already understood that Trump's hair is just as much a part of his brand as his angry resting face. This Trumpkin captured the look of Donald's hair perfectly, with straw. Plus, the pumpkin won a ribbon at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Published:Caption:Photo:Matthew Santoro
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