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Clean the cabinet door

Add chalkboard vinyl

Remove the bubbles

Draw your magnet line

Use adhesive wisely

Stick and tape

Draw the conversion chart

Organize measuring cups

This cabinet door organizer will keep your metal measuring cups together within easy reach, without taking up drawer space. Plus, it has a handy conversion chart so that all of your measurements are precise. All you need to complete this project are cleaning supplies, a roll of adhesive chalkboard vinyl, scissors, chalk, a ruler, magnets with a strength rating of 7 or more, E6000 glue and clear office tape.

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Before you can make the organizer, you need to clean off any grime that may have accumulated on the inside of the cabinet door. A scrub-down with vinegar and a sponge should do the trick, but you can use any degreasing cleanser that you have around the house. Just make sure the door is dry before moving on to the next step.

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Measure your cabinet door and cut a piece of chalkboard vinyl the size of the door. Remove about an inch of paper backing from the vinyl and stick it to the top of the door. Press the vinyl down as you slowly remove the rest of the paper backing.

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More than likely, you are going to have air bubbles under your vinyl no matter how careful you are. Use an old gift card to smooth out the bubbles. Simply hold the card at an angle and use it to push the air bubble to the edge of the vinyl.

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To keep your magnets straight when you adhere them to the cabinet you will need a guideline. Use your ruler to draw a guideline a third of the way down the cabinet door.

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Add a drop of E6000 glue to the bottom of the magnets and smear it around a little bit. Don't add too much glue or it will ooze out from under your magnet.

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Glue the magnets on the guideline. You may want to put two magnets closely together for the 1 cup measuring cup for extra support. Tape the magnets in place with clear office tape. The office tape will prevent gravity from ruining your project before the glue has time to dry. Let the glue cure for 24 hours, then remove the tape.

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While the glue is drying you can draw the conversion chart. Use your ruler to draw a grid that has four vertical lines and six horizontal lines. Fill in each box with the conversion information in the photo.

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Attach your metal measuring cups to the magnets when the glue is dry and you're project is complete. Bonus tip: Turn your measuring cups so that the opening of the cup is flush with the cabinet door. This keeps the inside of the cup clean and dust-free.

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