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Samsung's Galaxy Alpha: Just the beginning?

Samsung introduced a new design language with its metal Galaxy Alpha. The premium treatment could continue, if these newly surfaced pictures of a midrange phone called the Samsung Galaxy A5 are real. It's rumored as the first of three devices that use nonplastic premium materials, where Samsung usually opts for a plastic build.

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A is for A5

These pictures obtained by tech site SamMobile show that the Galaxy A5 name looks all but official, thanks to a leaked image of the device being powered on.


Not metal?

SamMobile's sources suggest that the phone casing isn't metal or plastic, but something cold to the touch. Rumored to measure only 6.7mm, the Samsung Galaxy A5 would be among the thinnest Android phones to date.


Definitely Samsung

There's no mistaking that wallpaper design for anything other than a Samsung product. More specifically, a Samsung phone with a custom TouchWiz OS layer.


Name and number

The SM-A500 model number and Galaxy A5 branding appear in a settings subpage.


5-inch experience

A phone like the A5 could compete against the HTC One Mini 2, which also has a mixture of metal and plastic parts.


13-megapixel camera

Coming in above the middle of the pack, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is rumored to pack a 13-megapixel shooter.


Micro-USB port

Although newer, more powerful Samsung phones tend to feature USB 3.0 ports (which include a Micro-USB port), the device pictures here includes the traditional charging jack.


Another look

Another look at the rear and side show one thin, cool-looking device that doesn't stray too far from the shape and design of other Samsung models.

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