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Steering wheel spinner

People of all ages are fiddling with fidget spinners these days. We've rounded up some of the most unusual ones on the market, including a few tech-enabled toys. They all cost less than $20. 

On your marks, get set, go! Our first spinner is shaped like a typical steering wheel. We haven't taken it for a ride, but the maker says the brass materials help it twirl for over four minutes.  

Photo by: Faner

Batman fidget spinner

The fidget-spinner revolution has made its way to the pop culture world, and the Dark Knight is no exception. This Batman-shaped spinner has a sleek chrome look that may also make it more durable than the average plastic or 3D-printed ones. 

Photo by: Juju Fidget

Pokeball fidget spinner

This toy merges two recent pop culture trends:  Pokemon and fidget spinners. The spinners are handmade with the help of 3D printing. 

Photo by: AllSeeingIDesign

Reattachable IPhone-Fidget Spinner Duo

iPhone 7 owners who love to spin can take advantage of this case, which lets you store your fidget spinner with convenience. Because you can attach it to your phone, you can be hands-free while playing.

Photo by: Sprtjoy

LED light-up spinner

This LED fidget spinner features multiple lights that make patterns as the toy moves. Try out the many options and give yourself and your friends a light show. Prices vary depending on the color of the toy.

Photo by: Accmor

Legend of Zelda spinner

Any Legend of Zelda fans out there? If so, you probably recognize this iconic figure. Get your hands on this Triforce-inspired fidget spinner. 

Photo by: CahabaCreation

Rainbow chrome spinner

This fidget spinner really catches the eye. The copper frame and metal bearings add weight and supposedly increase spin time too. Can we talk about the spinner's aesthetic? The rainbow copper frame adds sleekness and vibrancy. 

Photo by: HTOYES

Glow-in-the-dark spinner

Too dark in the room to fully enjoy your fidget spinner? This glow-in-the-dark version lets you stay entertained in complete darkness.

Photo by: Kangaroo

PlayStation Spinner

We've seen lots of spinners influenced by pop culture, but this PlayStation-inspired toy will appeal to Sony fanatics. The frame mimics the buttons from PlayStation controllers. 

Photo by: Pinnacle

Cube fidget spinner

Check out the cube shape on this toy. The aluminum frame and bearing help with spinning performance, which is touted at longer than three minutes. 

Photo by: Release Spinner

'Satan' spinner

In more recent news, TSA at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport confiscated this "satan" fidget spinner. Normal fidget spinners are allowed, but this one was considered a weapon. The design resembles a ninja star, but would anyone seriously use this toy as a weapon?

Photo by: Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport


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