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Connect:Amp and the Connect




The Sonos Connect:Amp features an aluminum chassis and hardened plastic shell. Measuring 3.5 inches high, 7.28 inches wide, and 8.15 inches deep, the Sonos Connect:Amp is larger than your average "small black box" media streamer such as the Roku or Apple TV.

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The Connect:Amp has a single stereo RCA input which can be used to connect an external audio device, such as a turntable or an iPod dock.

For speaker connections, the Sonos includes solid, spring-loaded speaker jacks at the back for connecting banana plugs or bare wires -- though not spades.

Last in the list of connections is the subwoofer-out, which can be used to connect to a third-party subwoofer. Alternatively, you can opt to go with the wireless Sonos Sub instead.

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The Connect:Amp is considerably larger than the ampless Connect.
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The Connect:Amp should be able to power most bookshelf or smaller floor-standing speakers.
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The Sonos uses a Class-D amp and the top of the device has ventilation holes.
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