Indoor gardening

Tech gardening startup Click & Grow announced the new modular Smart Farm today, for release in March 2014.
Photo by: Click & Grow

Growing efficiency

Click & Grow says Smart Farm's combination of nanotech-infused soil, a lighting system, and a network of sensors will let you grow food indoors using 90 percent less water than traditional outdoor growing methods.
Photo by: Click & Grow

Modular design

Smart Farm's modular design will supposed expand from a small rack to, according to Click & Grow, "millions of plants."
Photo by: Click & Grow

Harsh light?

Click & Grow says its system uses biomimicry to simulate a natural growth environment indoors.
Photo by: Click & Grow

Eat your greens

You can grow all kinds of plants in a Smart Farm bed, including vegetables and salad greens.
Photo by: Click & Grow

Fit for consumers?

Among our outstanding Smart Farm questions: pricing structure, and whether we can tolerate that purple glow in the living room.
Photo by: Click & Grow


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