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Lenovo A320

Lenovo IdeaCentre B320

Lenovo IdeaCentre B520

Lenovo IdeaCentre C205

Sony Vaio L-Series

MSI WindTop AE2210

MSI WindTop AE2410

MSI Angellow concept

MSI Angellow concept

MSI Butterfly concept

MSI Butterfyl concept

We saw this chassis design from Lenovo last year, but this updated IdeaCentre A320 should offer better performance than its predecessor thanks to its new Intel Sandy Bridge CPU. We still wish it had an optical drive.
Caption by / Photo by Lenovo
This 21.5-inch IdeaCentre B320 has what Lenovo is calling Hardware TV, which is designed to let you watch TV on the system via its built-in TV tuner, without booting into Windows.
Caption by / Photo by Lenovo
This Best of CES nominee is one of the most stacked all-in-one's we've ever seen, featuring a 23.6-inch display. The IdeaCentre B520 comes with Intel's new Sandy Bridge CPU, a Blu-ray player, a multitouch display, multiple graphics chips, and support for Nvidia's 3D Vision technology.
Caption by / Photo by Lenovo
Starting at a rock-bottom $299, the AMD-powered Lenovo C205 is one of the most affordable all-in-ones we've seen to date. Don't expect blazing performance from this budget-priced PC, but it could suffice for families looking for a basic, affordable computer.
Caption by / Photo by Lenovo
The tapered back panel design gives the Sony Vaio L-Series a deceptively thin-looking profile, and the in-bezel touch controls for various common Windows functions give this attractive all-in-one some unique multitouch capabilities. It will have Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs in certain configurations, too.
Caption by / Photo by Sony
The 21-inch MSI WindTop AE2210 is a relatively straightforward all-in-one, but a unique take on USB 3.0 may help it stand out. MSI says it has applied a design it calls "Super Charge" to the USB 3.0 jacks that will allow them to charge external devices quickly, as well as when the computer itself is turned off. We're also interested to see how a $799 Sandy Bridge-equipped all-in-one like this one will compete with similarly priced non-Intel tower desktops.
Caption by / Photo by MSI
Consider the 23.6-inch MSI WindTop AE2410 as more or less the higher-end version of the the AE2210. Aside from a larger screen, major differences include faster Sandy Bridge CPUs, and options for a discrete graphics card and a Blu-ray drive.
Caption by / Photo by MSI
The Angellow is one of two concept all-in-ones from MSI. This model features a compact, rounded design (see next slide for a rear shot), and a companion tablet that can access content stored on the system.
Caption by / Photo by MSI
This rear shot of the Angellow shows off the compact design.
Caption by / Photo by MSI
The MSI Butterfly also comes with a companion tablet, as well as support for 10-point multitouch. Most multitouch displays only support two touch points.
Caption by / Photo by MSI
Combined with the 10-point multitouch sensitivity, the unique adjustable screen on the Butterfly could offer some interesting usage possibilities. We can imagine this system working as a simulated piano, or offering a compelling finger-painting program.
Caption by / Photo by MSI
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