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Conclusive proof, perhaps, that the megapixel race is over: Canon has actually chopped a chunk of resolution off the PowerShot G11, the latest top-end camera in the popular G series.

The G11 is the follow-up to the smashing PowerShot G10, the pro photographer's throwdown snapper of choice -- and its sensor actually drops the resolution to 10 megapixels, from the G10's 14. This is designed to improve noise reduction in low-light performance.

In truth, it doesn't look that different, apart from a neat twist on the live view screen. As with most of the innovations in Canon's new tranche -- touchscreen, anyone? -- the flip-out screen isn't new, but it's just about the one thing that was missing from the G10, apart from a bottle opener and a Pez dispenser. Stick Wi-Fi in the G12 and the rest of the camera industry may as well chuck it in and go back to making tractors.

The one dSLR feature the G11 is missing is interchangeable lenses. Micro Four Thirds cameras such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 are muscling in on G-series territory, even shooting high-definition video.

The PowerShot G11 joins the SX20 and SX120, the S90, and IXUS 120 and 200 in the new line-up. Click through our gallery to see more of the G11, complete with a different angle on the live view screen. Word of warning: make sure you're sitting down for the price.

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There are dedicated dials for ISO speeds and shooting modes. Options include aperture and shutter priority, full manual mode and two custom modes to save your own settings.
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The G11 sports a hotshoe and dedicated exposure-compensation dial.
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The screen clocks in at a large 76mm (3 inches), but that's not the best bit...
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It flips out! Useful for framing high or low angles, or, according to the Canon tech chap, if you're a war correspondent snapping around corners. Yes, someone actually said that out loud.
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Here's the HDMI connection. You'd think that would mean high-definition video, but it doesn't. VGA video only, with hi-def reserved for playing back your snaps on an HDTV.
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The Canon PowerShot G11 arrives in early October. Looks good, doesn't it? Want one, don't you? 'Course you do. That'll be £570, please. Much obliged.
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