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Canon has spruced up its range of compact point-and-shoot cameras with the launch of the 12-megapixel IXUS 990 IS, IXUS 110 IS and IXUS 100 IS, as well as the 10-megapixel IXUS 95 IS.

Canon has drenched the range in a gout of colour. The 110 comes in gold, silver, pink or blue. The 12-megapixel IXUS 100 is packaged in a slim stainless-steel body, in silver, black, gold or red flavours. The red version, pictured above, is particularly, well... unIXUS-like. We like it -- it looks as mad as a bag of badgers.

The IXUS 95 comes in silver, grey, blue or pink. The 990 meanwhile only gets the one silvery metallic colour.

The 990 does feature a large 5x zoom and 76mm (3-inch) LCD screen, though. The other cameras include a 3x optical zoom, face detection and face self-timer, which snaps a picture only when you enter the frame. The 100 also includes blink detection, and is available from March 2009 priced at £300.

Click through the pictures to see more, and to find out how much these little beauties will set you back. And remember to keep it Crave for hands-on pictures from Canon's showcase later today.

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The IXUS 110 IS will turn up mid-March 2009, priced at £350.
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The IXUS 95 IS will drop mid-February 2009 priced at £250.
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Finally, the big one: the IXUS 990 IS will be available from April 2009 priced at £380.
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