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Daily agenda

Cal's greatest strength is organizing your daily agenda, basically all of the to-dos, meetings, and appointments you have on your plate on one given date. When you launch the app, it automatically jumps to today's agenda, which shows all of your events and tasks in a chronological list.

The iPhone app inserts "free time" slots between your calendar events. I understand the thinking behind this -- to show you when you have open slots in your schedule -- but it makes the agenda look cluttered and confusing.

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Monthly view

If you swipe down from your daily agenda, you'll see the month view. Tap on a specific date to view the first two items in that day's agenda.
Photo by: Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Event page

When you select a calendar item, you'll see a full-screen event page that includes time, location, attendees, and notes. If there's a specific location, you'll see a small map and address.
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Map and directions

You can expand the map and, from there, start turn-by-turn navigation to the destination or launch the Uber app to summon a car.
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Create a new event

You can create a new event in Cal by tapping the plus sign at the top of the screen and entering the event title. Start typing someone's name and Cal will search your phone's contacts. Select someone to invite to your event, and Cal will send out an e-mail invitation. You can also add a location by typing "at" plus the business or location name; Cal will start to search for relevant results.
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Gorgeous photos

One of the starring features of Cal is the full-screen photos the app uses as backgrounds on most screens. You can choose which kinds of photos you want to see in settings.
Photo by: Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET


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