Lady Gaga

At Tuesday's party in New York to celebrate the launch of Vevo, the music-video site supported by three of the four top labels and Google, Lady Gaga lifted her whiskey glass to toast Vevo and Doug Morris, CEO of Universal Music Group, the label that represents her and founded Vevo.

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More Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, held a place of honor next to the night's hosts, Doug Morris, Universal Music Group CEO (left of Schmidt), and Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, the Sony Music chief.

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Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert kept his lips to himself while performing a rockin' good tune at the Vevo launch party.

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Bono, lead singer of the rock band U2, seen here speaking at the Vevo launch party, played a pivotal role in Vevo's creation by bringing together Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris, who had the idea for Vevo.

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Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO chats with Elio Leoni-Sceti, CEO of music label EMI at the Vevo launch party. YouTube is providing technical expertise and traffic to the site.

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Singer Mariah

Singer Mariah Carey showed up at the Vevo launch party to show her support but sounded a little nostalgic for the pre-Internet days. Said Carey: "Let's hope Vevo can salvage something that used to be amazing."

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Vevo's board

An on-screen explosion is timed with Vevo's roll out onto the Web. Vevo, the music-video site backed by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, and EMI went live December 8.

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