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Nyan Cat scarf

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Nyan Cat T-shirt

Nyan Cat keychain

Nyan Cat Minecraft

Nyan Cat piano cover

Nyan Cat earrings

Nyan Cat in real life

Nyan Cat sculpture

Nyan Cat progress bar

Nyan Cat charm

Nyan Cat ukulele

Nyan Cat cosplay

Nyan Cat pillow

Nyan Cat hat

Nyan Cat ... something

Where there's a meme, you'll find dozens of crafters, fingers a-twitch to create their own versions. We embarked upon the vast sea of rainbows, pop tarts and fan art to bring you a collection of creations inspired by the so very baffling Nyan Cat.

There are quite a number of handmade Nyan Cat scarves populating the internets, but this crocheted number is our favourite.

Caption by / Photo by MasterPlanner

The official Nyan Cat app is OK, but we're somewhat partial to this one, since it's rather more interactive, has more stages and gives you the option to play as TacNayn (the app is free).

Caption by / Photo by isTom Games Kft

Are you a man? A lady? Neither and/or both? Level Up Studios has the Nyan Cat T-shirt for you, from a child's size all the way up to 5XL! These shirts are "official", which we hope means that the creator of Nyan Cat, Chris Torres, gets a cut of the profits.

Caption by / Photo by Level Up Studios

This keychain seems to have been sold the day it was posted, with no more to be made and the DeviantArt account since deleted, but it's one of the best-made Nyan Cats we've seen come out of a sewing machine.

Caption by / Photo by BabyLondonStar

Pixel art lends itself particularly well to Minecraft projects. Wumbowalrus' version of Nyan Cat isn't the only incarnation floating around, but it sure is impressive.

Caption by / Photo by Wumbowalrus

Even though the Nyan Cat soundtrack isn't the most complicated composition ever, the way that Sherry Kim's hands fly over those keys is something to behold.

Caption by / Photo by Sherry Kim

These earrings are official Nyan Cat merch (like the T-shirt earlier), and you can also snap up a matching necklace and phone charm.

Caption by / Photo by Hey Chickadee

Photographs of "real life" Nyan Cats are everywhere, but videos are much rarer. Mister Snacks Fluffington here looks surprisingly unperturbed.

Caption by / Photo by BradJohnsen

Not just any Nyan Cat sculpture, this piece by StrangerInMyTub was designed in Minecraft, and is made using a 3D printer.

Caption by / Photo by StrangerInMyTub

Want to jazz up your computer? Redditor BenBenMan created a mod for the Windows progress bar that replaces the boring bar with a much peppier Nyan Cat.

Caption by / Photo by Instant Elevator Music

There's just something about this — we're not sure what. It has the wonky, heart-warming appeal of a three-legged kitten. It's long gone, but the link above will take you through to some similar items.

Caption by / Photo by KernerandSlags

What happens if you play the Nyan Cat song on a Nyan Cat ukulele? Will the universe explode in a shower of pop tarts and rainbows?

Caption by / Photo by newredshoes

If that frock was available as a stand-alone purchase, we would be so there.

Caption by / Photo by Ansuchi

We imagine that this Nyan Cat pillow would be a lot less squirmy and pointy than laying your head down on an actual cat.

Caption by / Photo by PR Guitar Man

We wouldn't actually wear this ourselves, but it's dead cute, and would be just the thing for a nephew or niece.

Caption by / Photo by Calgary Cosplay

What is this? We don't even.

Caption by / Photo by 445Michele
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