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Anshar Wars 2



Land's End

Oculus Arcade


Esper 2

There are so many good VR games and apps on Samsung Gear VR at the moment, it's hard to know where to start. Ashar Wars is a dogfighting space-combat game that emerged when the first Gear VR debuted a year ago: the sequel is more involved, looks better, but still equally impressive and fun.

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There are many amazing, immersive video experiences in VR. VRSE has a free app full of impressive films, and Milk VR has a continuous cycle of free content. There are also virtual movie theaters and screening rooms; try Oculus Video, and Netflix. Both seat you in front of a screen that feels so realistic, you'll reach for popcorn. Video resolution still isn't as good as watching a TV or iPad in actual reality, but the experience is still stunning.

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A gunship turret lowers around you: you're suspended in front of a starship, battling off waves of oncoming invaders. Gunjack looks startlingly good, and while it's basically a stationary arcade shooter, it shows how good phone-based VR can look.

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Speaking of stunning-looking VR games, Land's End is a majestic puzzler with overtones of the PS4 game Journey. Made by the same studio behind the lovely Monument Valley, you're left alone in sweeping landscapes to click your way to discoveries. Go for the ride.

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For a weird novelty experience, load up the free beta of Oculus Arcade. You're dropped in front of a series of retro arcade machines from Sega, Namco-Bandai and Midway. Joust, Pac-Man, Defender, Golden Axe and more are free to play (for limited sessions). Pair a Bluetooth game controller and you'll feel nearly transported.

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Ride a magic carpet in a Disney-esque adventure filled with crazy pastel colors. It's a maze game controlled nearly entirely by sight, and a bit of a touch. As you ride along, keep an eye out for secrets hidden in the walls.

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The first Esper game solved puzzles using a storyline where you, the observer, have ESP but are being kept in a secret lab. The sequel continues with the same Portal-meets-Fallout vibe: cartoonish, a bit weird, and almost like being dropped into a theme park attraction, but obviously this time in VR.

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