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Tired of sticking your telly on the wall? Why not hang it from the ceiling, instead? I've been taking a look at Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay V1 TV, which can be mounted on wires and dangled from the rafters. Click through the photos above for some hands-on snaps of the telly, and read on for all the specs.

The V1 comes in white or black, in 32 or 40-inch sizes. The design is likely to be divisive -- I'm not a massive fan of the folded metal look (apparently inspired by origami), but I can see why some would appreciate the minimalist styling.

The 32-inch model will set you back £1,999, while the 40-inch version costs a heftier £2,499. An angled floor mount comes as standard, but for an extra £170 you can have it attached to the wall, perched on a tabletop stand or dangled from the ceiling, like a mobile for the world's wealthiest infant.

The hanging option would need a cleverly positioned power supply, of course. I was told an installer would sort that out for you. The cables could be tidied along the supporting wires, but once all your hardware is in place, I'd hazard the hanging option won't look quite as slick as the press shot above.

I'd need more time with the V1 before offering a firm opinion on the picture quality, but as you'd expect from a speaker company, the sound was pretty impressive, especially considering the V1 wasn't plugged into any external noise-making kit.

There's a large speaker grille, and I was treated to an Adele live clip on Blu-ray, which offered deep, growling bass and twinkly highs. A good first impression then, but wait for the full review before throwing down any cash.

B&O BeoPlay A3

B&O also showed off a slick-looking iPad dock called the BeoPlay A3 -- a speaker that's covered in pointy angles so you can use it in different orientations (hands-on photos can be found above). I was impressed by the design, and it could be useful if you happen to have two iPads handy and could keep one permanently encased. There's one significant downside though -- the new iPad isn't supported.

Expect to pay £449 for the privilege of owning this spiky gadget. It's out in the shops on 21 May, while the V1 TV is available from tomorrow.

Would you dangle your gogglebox? Or would you be too concerned about your cat chewing through the supporting cables? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Would you dangle your gogglebox?
This is the 40-inch V1 with a floor mount.
This is the 32-inch model, strapped to a different mount.
The design is likely to be divisive.
Sound quality seems impressive -- check out the large speaker grille.
This remote can also control third-party gadgets like Apple TV.
It'll cost you an extra £170 to deviate from the floor mount option.
The TV is powder-coated metal, while the stand is stainless steel.
There's an enclosed space in the back where you can stick extra hardware. It would have to be pretty small though.
Do you like the design? Pop a comment below.
Meet the BeoPlay A3.
An iPad is stowed inside.
An angular casing means you can use it in many orientations.
A catch on the back undocks the iPad.
It looks slick, but at £449 it's pricey. It doesn't work with the new iPad either.


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